This is the famous haunted park on Spencer Island – you’ve probably heard of it. By reputation a woman in long, flowing grey gown is seen every Halloween night, wafting back and forth between those two trees. With all the kiddies running around she was overlooked for years, but now people come from far and wide just to catch a glimpse.

I wonder if she’ll be joining us tonight.



This Scary Day

I was walking my dog the other night. It was very dark out and the warm night had suddenly turned cool. There was no traffic – vehicle or pedestrian. There was no noise beyond the hum of traffic on the freeway to the south. There was nothing but me and my little dog, Rusty.

We turned a corner into an alley and started walking back toward home. The alley was black as pitch and I was starting to feel a little nervous, but we soldiered on. Suddenly we stopped. Rusty started barking wildly, pulling back toward the road. He wanted out of there – of that there was no doubt – and I wondered why. Wrestling with the frantic little dog on the leash I tried to peer into the darkness. 

That’s when I saw this:

Happy Halloween everyone!

2 Halloweenie

I was walking along the road the other night when I suddenly felt something strange

I was by myself, but I was not alone. Someone was walking with me, hovering over me, skulking alongside and mimicking my every move. I started to fret, sweat, and tremble. Then, with supreme courage I pulled out my phone, stood as still as I could, and snapped this:

Don’t get scared now.



I Halloweenie

This entry begins a short series of Halloween-themed images taken on my iPhone. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised as time goes along.

First, something breathless but tame: 

A dark night, a clutching tree, an evil force the sputtering streetlight alone cannot illuminate away. Hold your beads, move your lips in silent supplication, close your eyes and wait: for time is not on your side.