Sometimes you just catch the moment.

Here, young Rusty is perched atop his own chair in his own bed, looking out the front window of his own house at a planet which he at least believes to be his own. He sighed deeply when I made him turn around for the camera.

What a hard life!

I wonder


All that good work of walking, studying, and starving myself all winter long? It’s on its way out, and it’s not hard to understand why. All it takes is a five day road trip – a short vacation – to undo it all. Five days of sitting on my arse, holding a steering wheel, five days of this kind of thing for breakfast, five days of saying “what the hell, I’m on holiday!”

So now the trip is done. Now I must get back to work and re-double the effort to lose what was gained.

After all, not all gains are desirable.