Calgary Tower


This is the Calgary Tower. It was never the tallest building in the world, though at one time it was the tallest building in Calgary. During the 1988 Olympic Games – even as the official torch burned brightly over at today’s McMahon Stadium – the Calgary Tower burned brightly in the downtown core.

Today, Calgary’s 22nd or 23rd tallest tower (not sure this week) is the butt of many jokes as tourists and locals alike climb the stairs or ride the elevator to the observation deck, only to have to look up at most of the towers around it. It is sometimes lit up for special occasions. It must surely be one of the most recognizable and identifiable structures in the world as it represents the city of Calgary and its people.

Here it stands then, a testament to a most simple construction method: poured in a single, continuous pour at a cost of $3.5 million (enough for one of the architects today). 60% of its 10,900 tonnes of weight are below grade, accounting for its ability to withstand winds up to 161km/h. For more of this good stuff, click here

It’s an iconic structure. Next time you’re in Calgary, why not take a look?