It’s nice to hit the road sometimes and go for a walk. I try to take the camera – I mean, the phone – with me so I can capture any odd or interesting things that I see.

Here is the Glenmore Causeway, in Calgary – the bridge that guides traffic over the Glenmore Reservoir. The camera – I mean, the phone – does a nice job in these good-light conditions. It’s a good little camera – I mean, phone – to have around.

Can you imagine, thirty years ago, telling someone you were going to go and take some pictures with your telephone?

How the world does change!

Call a friend and say hello.

The shadow

Yes, this is an iPhone picture.

A couple of days ago I noticed the pup – or as we call him, Pooper – settle his tuckus down in the sunlight by the front screen door to soak up some rays. He let me climb over him and position myself by the front screen to take this picture.

I like how the shadows stretch over him, and how the light and light patterns make his fur appear almost chocolate in colour as he lies there.

I like this picture from my iPhone. I hope you do too.

In the library


As I climbed the stairs into the law library at U of C this view caught my attention so I snapped it.

It’s singular: close to the floor with a wider view, the architecture, and the expected reverential library atmosphere. The iPhone doesn’t work the best in lower light conditions, but here it is – uncropped, unfiddled and unmangled.

Put your phone on vibrate in theatres and libraries. It could be fun!



What is the trusty iPhone camera good for if not taking pictures of your loved ones? World? Meet spicy chicken Stromboli, courtesy the cafeteria in the Education building at the University of Calgary. Ostensibly at least I’m back at school to get a degree so I can make a life change. But I think I’m really there so I can enjoy this tasty little pastry.

It’s summer now so I must forego the pleasure for a while, but if you’re in the area get in there and grab one.

Then phone your mom.



Look up, way up, and what do you see? Usually something at least interesting, more likely fascinating, but always something different.

We’ve all seen pine trees, coniferous soldiers of the plains, prairies and mountains. But they look different somehow when you look up at them – when you see them where they live.

To me it feels like they’re watching – as if somewhere up there in that thick, green tangle of branches there are eyes just peering down at me, looking to see what I do.

I know, I have an over active imagination, but I’m okay with it. It has served me well – lo, these many years.

Hey, is that your camera ringing, or mine?

Less than


Of course, the photos you can get on your iPhone are not always what you want. This little snap was taken last week during an April snow event. Ugh, such terrible words: “April snow event”. Anyway, we do what we can.

Next week school is out and I’m planning my annual sunrise trip into the Rocky Mountains. I glanced over at the rocks this morning and they are replete with snow, so I am very much looking forward to the trip. Most of my photos will be taken with the Nikon, but don’t worry little iPhone friend, I won’t forget you.

Quick! Call someone you love!