Summer Sizzle

Take a moment to enjoy this idyllic scene at Penticton, British Columbia. 

Soaking it all in.

Penticton is a beautiful lakeside resort town in the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia, Canada. I spent several months there over the summer in 2004 when I had to handle house fire claims as part of my day job. In the occasional bit of time off I got to have a look around, and I got to know the town and the area quiet well. 

I enjoyed my time there, but having lived on the prairies for more than two decades I was kind of used to seeing the weather approach, and in the mountains you just don’t get that luxury. I remember one day in particular when I was especially surprised to hear thunder when I didn’t even know it was cloudy. 

If you get the chance, visit Penticton and the nearby communities of Kelowna, Vernon, and Oliver.


Sometimes this little gizmo really pulls out a stop or two. 

I was out walking the canid one evening last week when dusk suddenly rolled into sunset. The low Sun cast long cloud-shorn shadows across the inner reaches and kindly, lovingly showed them to me.

This is what the waning cumuli so magically revealed:


This is why they tell you to always have a camera with you. These sunbeams truly were a moment sent from heaven.