I take Rusty out for walkies every night before we turn in for the night. I use the time to think about things, rail at the universe, wail, gnash my teeth, that kind of thing. 

I go with my cell phone, of course – you know, in case I’m mugged. Sometimes in the summer evenings I even get crazy and take a few photos. But never in the winter. In winter, when the sun sets around 330pm and things are very quickly dark, there’s just no point hoping to get any kind of result from the little ol’ iPhone. 

Except the other night near the end of our sojourn I saw that it was starting to snow a bit, and the fine, mist-like flakes were so plentiful that the amber street lights were all but refracting in their glow. So I said, “what will be will be“, and decided to give it a try. 

I turned it on and held it up in front of me with both hands – dog leash draped precariously over my arm. I enjoined the pooch to ‘sit nice’, held my breath, settled my heart beat, and pressed the button as gently as I could – four times in rapid succession.

I held out no hope whatsoever of success, but you know what? After a little application razzle-dazzle, a tweak of contrast, an ounce of pre-fabricated drama, it’s not, actually, completely reprehensible! 

I guess that proves that it’s always worth trying. 


42 again

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