WPC: Horizon

Over the Glenmore Reservoir

Camera phones these days are better than the most expensive of the first digitals, and while they may lose something in zoom control and resolution, they can still produce a pretty nice result. 

Like this, for example. I like the convective emotions in these rolling autumn clouds over the horizon at the Glenmore Reservoir, at Calgary, Alberta. 

The camera phone gives you work which is kind of like a cheap paint job on your car. If you don’t look too closely, you can be quite pleased with how it turns out. Or, as a friend of mine likes to say, “nice from afar, but far from nice.” Or, maybe it’s just that my lens is dirty.

Anyway, when you don’t have the ‘good’ camera with you but an opportunity presents itself, you can still haul out the little Plan B, and get that moment under contract.

Have a great day.


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