Too long. Yes, I know – it’s been too long since my last entry. Truth be known, though, it’s not entirely my fault. You see, over the summer months the phone returns to simple telephone use while the DSLR gets pressed into service. In the winter, when the idea of hauling the big hulker around becomes distasteful, the phone gets warmed up again. After all, thirty below is no time for finicky little lens manoeuvres: ‘thirty below is snap-and-go’.

Forgiveness is Divine

Like this little autumn sunset (minus the thirty below). 

I took this last week while I was walking the pooch. While he was, er, taking care of his duties, I took this picture.

So now, in the guise of a resolution of sorts, I promise to get the iPhotography thing out of the doldrums and back into the ethereal reaches of the – well, I promise to get it started again. 

Frankly, the word ‘winter’ scares the bejeebers out of me. 


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