I like taking pictures. Capturing the moment is fun for me, especially when the results are good and the picture somehow matches the awe I felt in reality. I usually use my Canon thing or my Nikon whatsit for this, and I post my favourites at one of my other blogs, but the other day, whilst lamenting the fact that my life as a university student tends to limit my opportunities to take photo tours, I made a rather startling realization: the camera on my trusty, well-worn iPhone 3G (yes, I’m completely up to date on the technology) is actually better than my first digital camera was. Megapixel for megapixel, byte for byte, ounce for ounce this little thing is actually not too bad.

That’s when I decided to start another blog – one dedicated to pictures taken only by my iPhone camera. They will be candid and undoctored, rough but ready. I hope you will enjoy.

Here’s the first: a sunset I took last night while walking the pooch.




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